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Beaver County, Pennsylvania

The Beaver River Bridge carries the PA Turnpike Mainline over the Beaver River, CSX rail line, and Norfolk Southern rail line in Beaver County, Pennsylvania. The project consists of two new parallel cast-in-place segmental bridges that will replace a steel deck truss bridge built in 1953. The new eastbound and westbound bridges will carry three 12’ travel lanes, one 12’ acceleration and deceleration lane, and appropriate shoulders. The new eastbound and westbound bridges will be 1,645’ in length and will feature 385’ spans.


The concrete box girder superstructures for each bridge will be 73’-4½” wide and vary in depth from 10’ at mid-span to 21’ at the piers. Pier heights will reach nearly 200’ and will be comprised of solid base pedestals, transitioning to twin wall piers to enhance flexibility and constructability. The segmental box girder superstructures will be built in balanced cantilever using self-advancing form travelers.


Corven Engineering performed preliminary engineering analyses, designs, and cost estimates for several segmental bridge alternates. We are performing the final analyses and designs of the alternate selected by the PA Turnpike.

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