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Middlebury, Vermont

As the first major design-build project in Vermont, the Cross Street Bridge was a unique collaboration between the Town of Middlebury and Middlebury College. The 460′ long bridge provides a second crossing over Otter Creek. The 240′ long center span was selected to keep the piers out of the creek, avoiding potential environmental permitting issues.


The new bridge features a 240′ long center span that is simply supported and consists of New England Bulb-Tee concrete girders. The 240′ simple span is the longest of its type in the United States. The precast spliced girders are 10′ deep and consist of 10,000 psi concrete. The girders were cast in three segments for transportation and erection, supported on temporary falsework, and post-tensioned together using 22 strand tendons.


Corven Engineering was the designer and engineer of record for the 240′ long post-tensioned, spliced I-Girder span; development of a three-dimensional finite analysis of the entire span to determine refined load distributions in combination with a time-dependant staged construction analysis of the system; engineering support during construction.

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