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Dare County, North Carolina

The Herbert C. Bonner Bridge over Oregon Inlet on the Outer Banks of North Carolina is the only means of land access to Hatteras Island. The existing bridge was opened to traffic in 1963 and has required significant repairs due to scour. The new bridge provides for a 12′ lane of traffic in each direction and 70’ of vertical clearance over the navigation channel. The 14,800′ bridge consists of a 3,550′ continuous precast segmental navigation unit with 350′ long spans. The precast segments are 42′-7″ wide and vary in depth from 9′ to 19′. The navigation unit piers are precast hollow box piers vertically post-tensioned. The superstructure is built in balanced cantilever using a beam-and-winch segment lifter system.

Corven Engineering Role: Peer Review, Construction Engineering. Independent verification of the design using independent analysis, independent calculations and verification of the member strength based on the design drawings. The analysis considered scour of the bay bottom and the distribution of vessel collision force through the structure. Integrated shop drawings for the precast segments; construction analysis; post-tensioning stressing data; step-by-step erection procedures; falsework design; geometry control manual; three dimensional segment geometry and casting software; engineering support. **Rendering courtesy of PCL.

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