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Jacksonville, Florida

The I-95/I-295 north interchange improvements consist of a four-level, fully directional, system-to-system interchange. Constructed in two phases, the first phase consists of the third-level flyover ramp that connects southbound I-95 traffic to southbound SR 9A. Ramp SE is a 2,250′ long precast segmental concrete box girder bridge, 49′-1″ wide, with span lengths up to 274′ long. The ramp is on a constant 1,250′ radius curve. The segments are typically 10’ long and vary in depth from 9’-6” to 12’-0”. Segments are erected in balanced cantilever by ground-based cranes with night time erection utilized over I-95 and I-295.

Corven Engineering Role: Construction Engineering. Integrated shop drawings for the precast superstructure segments; construction analysis; post-tensioning stressing data; step-by-step erection procedures; development and design of stability towers and lifting frames; geometry control manual; three dimensional casting geometry and casting software; and engineering support during construction.

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