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Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

The Riyadh Metro Project will provide six Metro lines in the city of Riyadh, to form the backbone of the future Riyadh public transport network. Constructed in three packages, the BACS Consortium is providing Package 1 (Lines 1 and 2) which consists of over 13 miles of precast segmental concrete aerial structures. A single box girder is used to support two tracks and to carry the aerial structure through the stations. The precast superstructure segments are typically 30’ wide and 11.5’ long and there are over 6,000 precast segments. Spans are typically 115’ long, simply supported with no closure joints, and segments are erected span-by-span using a self-launching, overhead gantry. Several spans are erected in balanced cantilever using ground-based cranes. Segments will be cast using 29 moulds and erected using 5 overhead gantries.


Corven Engineering is preparing integrated shop drawings for the 6,000 precast segments and engineering support during construction.

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