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Tampa, Florida

The Sunshine Skyway Bridge carries I-75 over Tampa Bay. The bridge was constructed in the early 1980’s and features a 1,200′ long cable-stayed main span. As part of the FDOT’s statewide initiative to assess post-tensioning corrosion in their segmental concrete bridges, a detailed inspection of the Sunshine Skyway Bridge was performed and corrosion damage was found in the vertical tendons of one of the piers. Subsequently, a post-tensioning remediation program was implemented. The 8,860′ long segmental concrete portion consists of two separate structures for the high-level approaches with 135′ long spans. The 4,000′ long main span unit consists of a single precast box girder, 95′-3″ wide with internal struts to support the center slab. The high-level precast segmental concrete piers have a hollow elliptical shape and are vertically post-tensioned. The high-level approaches were built span-by-span and the main span unit was built in balanced cantilever using a self-launching overhead gantry for the 240′ long spans and a beam and winch for the three center spans.

Corven Engineering Role: Post-Tensioning Evaluation, Load Rating. Assisted with the inspection (vibration testing, pour-back removal and non-destructive visual inspections using endoscopes) and evaluation of the post-tensioning system. LRFR load rating of the 4,000′ long cable-stayed main span unit.

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